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Bundle Deals on a Budget

Make Hollywood beauty easy and affordable by purchasing our high-quality 8 A virgin hair which can be a 9a or 10a when compared to other companies. In general, if cared for properly, these hair extensions hair can last up to 18 months vs our 10a hair which last 3-5 years
Your style will thank you and so will your wallet! Regardless of how much hair you think you need for your current style, it is almost always a good idea to purchase more Bundles!! high quality virgin hair at an even more affordable price.

Arrival of Hair

When you first receive the hair gently wash and condition it. After washing comb the hair removing any tangles, If the hair is cut, colored, or installed we cannot make an exchange, and the sale is final. Ladies, please get this hair installed by a professional to get the best results. Please follow these directions, and you’ll never end up with a bad bundle.

Hair Care

We recommend washing the hair at least twice a week with a good hydrating shampoo and deep conditioner. It’s very important to do this because the hair needs to be moisturized regularly to keep it from drying and tangling. We also recommend using a leave-in conditioner. This will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Return Policy

We have a no refunds policy, but we don’t consider any sale final until our customer is satisfied. If you’re not happy with the hair you receive and want to make an exchange, please contact us within three business days VIA TELEPHONE and we’ll gladly exchange it for you. Hair has to be in its original condition and completely unaltered to qualify for an exchange. Clips holding the weft together have to be intact. If they’re cut, or the hair is used in ANY manner, the sale will be considered final.


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